Tuesday, May 19, 2015

She Deserve That

From the first sight the first meet the first greet it was all class and ladylike tendencies.

The words you spoke was so intelligent full of knowledge and wisdom lacking discrepancies.

Belief in another don't come easy by my way to indulge in a soul.

We live in a time where honest faces can be the biggest foes.

But your actions spoke louder than anything in the world could ever know.

Gaining the highest respect from me that will constantly infinitely grow.

Always will I humbly think of you never take you for granted or use you like a doormat.

Because being the woman that I see thus far you deserve that.

The way you carry yourself with class and grace like a lady and not some hoodrat.

I shall treat you like a queen and bestow on a golden throne cause you deserve that.

Always supporting me seeing the best in me even when I'm not at my fullest peak at best.

Which is why I shall work hard to the bone for the rest of my life to support you so you never have to want because you deserve that.

Always keeping a positive attitude even when I'm in a negative mood like a man that can't rest.

I shall listen to your wisdom prosper working towards a man of greatness because you deserve that.

Being that extra feeling to fill the empty space in my heart.

Let me be that strong hold you can depend on with the base to build on for a honest start.

Like the way you never required me to be that thug or made up swag nigga told by society where to stand.

But accepted my individual mind set of not following the masses or the mastas and being my own man.

Which is why when the time comes I shall get on one knee with the biggest ring at some place across the sea and intimately ask you to be my wife for all eternity.

And cherish love respect adore protect please devote humor inspire romance seduce motivate listen to and never take for granted like some weak stat.

Because in my eyes my heart and my soul your the woman that deserve that.
By Kolin E.


I'm getting paid I got all the doe cake is what I bake dollars be my master.

And do whatever to get it the world not feeding me so what how I tax it.

I got Gucci Armani Prada a whole lot of useless bullshit to keep up my persona.

I work no doubt so its mine to do as I please, sometimes I'm behind on my bills, but oh well I got trees.

My credit is bad but sometimes good depending on who spending, if I get too off track I get that payday lending.

Then I owe more on top of some I'm not paying them fuckers, or if I'm the rich consumer I'll buy more useless bullshit to plunder.

And make people that laugh at me even more rich, as they point and look and say they spending to be on our level how sick.

We tell them what to buy to be like us and they do it, gotta love that dumb ass black consumer.

They want so badly to be, that all we have to do is put a high price tag on it and just see.

Watch them monkeys go and buy it, we spent 3 cent to make this shit, and they spend half they check to Nike it.

Gotta love a bafoon we put them in a position of less than mentally and they try to prove us wrong by buying from us consistently.

That damn black consumer please keep doing what ever to get them Benjamin's, a slave to the retail using that whip of survival and a goal of status to crush all opinions.

The black consumer a rich bigots consistent piggy bank, loving all them wanna be, accept me please, into the good life probates.
As the 1 percent sit back and say, let's get them used to having nothing and I promise, first chance them nuckle heads will rob, poison, hoe and kill to profit.

And bring all that soul sold cash back to us as we turn that old money to newest money and gross our power.

As we look down at you all as we chill in our corporate ran tower.

Just keep buying and buying and buying cause we depend on it thanks well spent.

Please dont buy land and property don't put back in the community or invest for retirement.

Please keep keeping them neighborhoods down dont let the fellow man gain closer to his crown.

Never give back but continue to destroy focus that mindset to drama over joy.

And above all we love the way you throw it in each others face of having thangs and treating the lesser as a bad stain.

Your doing a great job of keeping that money flowing, as that cycle of your motivation is how we keep that reign ongoing.

This is what THE MAN says and accomplish on a daily basis as our minds are tainted with a slavery tumor.

A bunch of yessa massa's laying claim to shit that ain't ours with no ownership competing to be the best black consumer.
By Kolin E.


Born into life written off by gender and skin complexion.

As a barrier of statistics state I won't live past 25 or a prison sentence.

Obstructions of the system go all out to hold me back.

Hurdles complicate my path to achieve as I jump over negativity attacks.

Drawbacks try to deter me from my rightful place on the throne.

Nibble away at my dream of a kingdom where I roam free in my soul.

Disadvantages try to conquer my army of inner faith.

As excuses spit on accountability lowering my self-esteem at the gate.

But the strength of me knows better at some point and awaken the drive.

And figure out at some point what it takes to be happy and survive.

I break through barriers dodged those obstructions and with a perfect form jump those hurdles with better strategies.

Use my drawbacks to make me wiser wake up my dreams and deal with my disadvantages.

Rebuilt my self-esteem and took ownership of my mistakes cause if life's a highway I'm the mack truck.

So now my story can be told I might have not lived perfect took a while to get it right had some stumbles but never gave up.
By Kolin E.

Shades of a woman

I have to say I love and admire that woman of shades.

With that ethnic transcendence of Afro centricity she is praised.

Taking me throughout a progressive enlightened journey.

When at her highest peak shines on life's stage and every bit of worthy.

She can make a man feel like Superman even if he was weak and stood only 2 feet tall.

Whatever boundaries to get to her side she would drive him to leap run or crawl.

Her power a power of unimaginary unexplainable unobtainable strength for wealth.

Her desire and drive unmatchable by any means of any species on the planet that's why she is Queen till death.

Her lips hips and thighs ,can daze a man into being hypnotized.

Her grace statue and intelligence should be applauded ,but goes unaccounted for or rewarded.

Her motherly embrace just takes the case.

Her skills with cooking food sends watering taste buds through the roof.

Her loving caring supportive ways never amaze me anymore but humbly expected.

Her recognition of common sense goes always respected.

So where is she my woman of shades so hard to find but do exist like that righteous brother do.

That oh so invisible culture that goes unnoticed but still stands true.

Over taken by unlikely posers of integrity.

They invited themselves into blackness with a for sale sign like jeopardy.

Living a lie for a lie driven by a lie just to die for a lie to make money to start all over and buy that lie again.

To the point when truth is introduced you believe an oppressors reality over a true friend.

So I say where my shades at I miss you I want you but feel unneeded and alone.

Pushed away for living righteous being different on my own.

But then I see one, there she is over there meeting all requirements so far I spot.

I approached her like the woman she is just to get turned away for being the thug I'm not.

Oh wait one finally at last oh dang she comparing me to her last man and the other man and her baby daddy again.

Just can't get around being more than just a friend.

Ok she's the one I just know this time it's different.

Oh Lord she wants to argue every 2 seconds it's difficult.

Here we go Ms. Independent well from the attitude it should be renamed Ms. Alone and resentment.

Awww man here comes the emotionally verbally abusive gotta get the last word in negative all the time bad body language female again.

Really have no time for your unsupportive showing no respect for a man dishonest belligerent ways in the end.

Oh great here comes the hoe that wants to be treated like the ultimate goddess.

So you post your ass all on the Internet do hoe stuff screw everybody but wants to be treated like my true princess that's mentally conscious.

Yeah right I'm screamin wear my shades at with my black fist up that's had enough of you posers thinking like penises.

Mislabeled misguided thinkers that's false representin my true black Venuses.

So now a woman covet her own self to be stronger than a man that it's attractive to one another worked like a job of employment.

To the point hatred of the black man has become a thing of laughter and enjoyment.

So that's where we are my lady in waiting of shades I have to find you through all this grey.

Lose some and win none till I cycle through the waist.

I know I will and we shall build be happy and live as an example of true black love.

My sister of many shades I shall patiently wait for on that high road above.
By Kolin E.

  The Real Genocides

Masters of the old world from a time of slavery disconnect a people using status.

Put a section of slaves in a confined space while others get the in house apparatus.

So a mentality is born within a culture of have and have nots in strife.

But in a more dormant state because then freedom was life.

Fast forward a bit now rights is life so togetherness is the only option to reach that goal.

On paper its conquered now money is the toll.

Survival is the trick turned against a culture family gotta eat become a reason for the hustle.

All the while a planned propaganda to destroy the psyche hopes and dreams.

Empowered by rage while living a situation whatever or however that may be.

Suffering makes one not want to go back to being broke and hungry they'll do anything for stacks.

Run over step on kill push to side and walk right by in multiple laps.

Oppressors starved us out just to throw that bone of poison called drugs.

So now the neighborhood dope man is the new savior and greeted with hugs.

They told him the plan and he still made a deal with the devil.

So now we have become our own oppressors.

The new genocides don't wear a white face they possess white rocks on corner blocks trap houses in the hood.

Fight over territory they dont own and colors throwing up signs talking about what's good.

High five each other for hunting they own people down like animals as they scream.

Verbally abuse physically abuse sexually abuse our female queens.

The new genocides murdering education and knowledge.

A true nigga to the heart would rather sag be in the streets than college.

The new excuse is they dumb illiterate its all they can do.

I say who's fault is that but bet he can repeat a rap song or two.

The new genocide is the mentality which I will U-bomb from reality.

I will have enemies and angry misguided minds tell me off in anger.

But if you truly loved our people one would see the results of a lifestyle in danger.

Fuck thugs fuck drug dealers fuck hustlers getting over fuck ignorant women who make excuses for they tussle.

Fuck pimps fuck hoes spreading disease fuck sagging fuck skinny jeans.

Fuck your ignorance fuck your bed you made of nails covered by wealth.

Fuck you unconscious fake made up studio gangster rappers and your health.

Its a war of knowledge I will not be killed off because of your ignorant decisions.

Fuck your thought processes of thinking with no precision.

Fuck your new age black KKK genocide self mutilating ways in content.

Fuck your black on black genocide and all you represent.
Now Repent
By Kolin E.


Do you know what slavery is in 2014 these days?

Is it mental physical financial influence from all ways?

Powered by the past overall control of the soul.

Implanted reasoning to keep a culture in a diabolical hold.

Over time a steady dose and repetition of ignorance.

Keeping the once oppressed people unvigorous.

This invention of control has now switched to auto pilot and took on a face of it's own.

While others sit back and relax gain power and watch the self destruction unfold.

A real life of repeating a reality show with numerous episodes.

Anger and issues drive the madness until it hit a brick wall and explodes.

Self mutilation self extermination self deviation with no self examination.

For self was taken away stripped and raped as in self knowing.

Self knowledge of race to where you came from to where your going.

Slave to the cycle of poverty in return becoming a slave to survival.

Now the better brother doing better than becomes the biggest rival.

The brother of unknowing out of hatred for himself is envious and becomes a nigga.

Recreated to glorify and boost his self-esteem for being anything to create them figures.

Look at that righteous man over there being all smart and shit who do he think he is.

Then the devil says let's bring him down and introduce this poison and you can have what's his.

For you can be that nigga and create more niggas on top of niggas with that same insight.

Destroy them and I can give you all the financial high lights.

Don't be a father or husband or leader get that paper instead.

Fuck many hoes destroy your kind and I'll make you a mortar with bread.

Make the black woman suffer and send her away for she is a problem and her strength I cannot sway.

But with the help of you I can have her to myself dilute her mind and send her away.

I'll only make her mentally stronger than you to the point she is only turned on by the likeness of herself.

Do this the devil said put that faith in things sure I'll imprison the majority of you but hey the rest is wealth.

So nigga we got a deal and thus the cycle is born.

Kids grow up fatherless and angry mothers get adorned.

Relations see him as the new real man and brother do right a non figure.

Guess you can say making a deal with the devil created the new real nigga.

The cycle of the new slave a cycle you will never recognize asleep.

Because they have so much pride invested that coma is for keeps.
By Kolin E.

















Breaking Walls

We met on a Friday at noon I noticed you walking along the way in a parking lot of a clothing store.
Normally I second guess myself approaching a female on a whim but something about you intrigued me to know more.
So I did so like a gentleman and not a dog in heat.
With an excuse me followed by introduction and a I'm not a threat hear to compete.
But fulfill the curiosity of you energize the effort and want to know more.
And you let me do so as your mind opened up for my travels to explore.
And so the questions of the heart began to mold scroll and rumble.
Am I good enough is she lady enough can we try enough to make this work and stay humble.
Only the weight of time can tell but my love is on a different scale with many variables to take into consideration.
It's complex careful calculated detailed determined effective exotic fruitful grateful filled with passion and determination.
What can or do we share in compromise of all other.
As in what to do with things that don't meet our eye to eye can we learn to look over.
Am I me you see or some definition of a man that's constantly being tested on level standards.
Whereas my mind is made up for you to enter my world and soul to unfold my tandoms.
Walls we break each having our own as only time will tell who's are thicker and hurtfully covered.
But if a woman is worth it I declare to break bust climb and jack hammer that fucker till love is discovered.
Kolin E.

Making Fun of Me

I love me I truly do I swear which is why I can say these words with no care.
Like how my head shaped funny I mean really funny like special needs funny.
Chocolate covered M&M that didn't turn out right cone head with a milk dud spread funny.
But that's not it nope dont end there most think bald is my style but since 15 I been losing hair.
Cow licks I call em slurping back through time kinda like that knot at the back of my head blowing my mind.
And gotta keep it oiled and greased at least make it smooth cause lotion is my best friend on the move.
Without it my hands and feet be hurting for a scrape and you'd swear I was apart of a tribe of apes.
And to be honest my smile ain't all that perfect they chirping don't let me bite your ass them teeth leave em hurting.
People always ask me how are you or why are single on the scene but I always feel I'm in a relationship with drama and disease free Ms. Vaseline.
Although I try my moves might have the look of a rancher I guess on the floor you can call me a shoulder dancer.
I can't two step but I try to one and a half give some hip action and hump that ass.
Its cool all me and I love it all give me a million no's and I'll never fall.
Its all you see just me living to be which is why I have no problem making fun of me.



I am the M.E. in team conquering on all levels to reach my dream.
I am a KING ruling over my soul, keeping the peasants of disparity in control.
I am functional when left hopeless still seeking that positive vibe remaining  focused.
I am romance even without the stone, feeling her up with love letting my heart unfold.
I am not perfect eventually fucking up here and there, but learning from it all makes my wisdom prepared.
I am intelligence in abundance still willing to learn, taking my knowledge to that higher level of concern.
I am a man paving my own way through the forest hacking down, the thick bush as I make my way to more solid ground.
I am black on the outside feel pain on the inside and bleed red so I'm a human being, all me all truth and all seeing.
I am all F's when it comes to the D, a fabulous freaky fantasy filled fossil of fucking fantastic forming fourgasms for free.
I am the one you hold on to if smart and never let go, cause recognition of humbleness and greatness can only be seen by one in possession of those.
I am truly free inside out around and unbound to society and its holds, staying away from the unrighteous negative foes.
I am Kolin and he is me all that I need to be in life externally , till my time is up and the most high calls me by his side I'll be me eternally  .
By Kolin E.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Black Love

Black Love

Well I'm here to say I'm bringing back black love
A promise to my black queen to be a better man love
That I believe in you and now your not perfect love
That you dont look the same after all these years
But still the most beautiful woman I see love
That thick and thin love as we fight those battles
That I didn't have much when we met
But we made the most of it love
That hot bath waiting after a long day of work love
That flowers for a flower just cause love
That 50th anniversary love
That we in this together love
That when your gone I miss and crave you love
That know you so well how to please you love
That wash your hair love
That take a bullet and knife get blown up for you love
That intimate look in each others eyes as I gaze you love
That strong go get it push each other for the best love
That I just dont see you when you naked love
That recognition for affection loyalty and attention love
That except me and my faults unconditional love
That raise our kids together love
That I hate you in the day but make peace at night love
That I got your back love
That fight for our commitment love
That will you marry me love
That wake up next to you forever love
That travel the world love
That we can go around the corner as long as I'm with you love
That massage your body after a long day love
That I love you and mean it love
That black love
By Kolin E.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

You Can Have It

You Can Have It

Pardon thy disposition my lady would you mind joining me on a quest of intimate bonding.

Fantastic first stop is get to know you territory a place I travel to fondly.

Its where we go to connect as one and let our chemistry mix in conversation.

As we get to know each others ways hopes dreams and aspirations.

Just say yes and let's progress into some type of care free,jazz melody.

Orchestrate our groove using loves instruments to create the symphony.

As we let this moment be our first jam of many tracks.

Play it out nicely cause secondly is attraction that beast with two backs.

Especially when it spit that hot ball of fire and desire deep in your soul.

This is right and feel so good I'm understood thaws a heart from the cold.

Just promise that when in its last stage of full warmth please don't mold.

Except all that it is cause to the last entity my heart you behold.

True love intimacy honesty passion intelligence and strength common sense ambitious religious but not perfect and not tragic.

For the low price of mutual love ninety nine you can have it
By Kolin E.

Another Black Tragedy

Another Black Tragedy

Time for the five o'clock news or shall I say an update on more black tragedies.

Kicked off with a good evening we have breaking news of multiple casualties.

Three black men and a little girl where fatally shot in the north side for no damn reason.

Right now the facts are kinda sketchy but with the murders going around must be that time of the season.

The assailants got away in a black ford truck most likely stolen headed south with haste.

Ten minutes later what do you know two african american males just got caught in a chase.

With a very bad wreckage in the pursuit in it a mother five months pregnant was killed.

And a newly wed couple had to be released with the jaws of life inside the car that was reared.

Just in an elderly woman in her eighties was just robed at gun point inside her home.

Grandmother of twelve who lived alone.

Didn't even check to see if she was gone.

At midnight another baby was born to a young couple not ready for the responsibility.

She still not willing to give up the night life and he don't have the skills to pay the bills what a tragedy.

Leaving another little one with a small chance to excel in life.

Creating another cycle of children to adults with low to no morals but plenty strife.

But yet want respect like majesty.

In all its another black tragedy.
Kolin E.

Beauty Intro

Beauty intro

Beautiful is just an introduction to me.
An unfolding mystery as far as the eyes can see.
Like a sip of the finest wine converging on my taste buds.
As exchange of intellect flows inside causing us to be love drunks.
Like that beginning beat to a favorite song.
As conversation that follows becomes the chorus for us to prolong.
The match that strikes a fire from that smile of hers.
Increasing the curiosity to get to know as passion burns.
Like waking up to discover a warm magnificent clear blue sky to start a day.
Eager to live it out with a purpose and strive to reach goals as a reply to GOD directing me your way.
Like damn she fine man she sexy got it going on bad all over what a cutie.
But after seeing the beneath it all I discovered the outside was just an intro to inner beauty.
Kolin E.

Came In Wish A Dime Left With A Penny

                            Came In With A Dime Left With A Penny

She is so fine look at that elegant physique.

All that a man dreams of in a class elite.

Perfect smile that erases time.

From her eyes to mine she is a dime.

Now comes that moment of getting to know you better.

A casual outing of romance and the most wonderful weather.

Now my dime conversation has started.

Why half way through she accidentally farted.

Oh but hey things happen its totally fine.

It was the talk of superficial qualities that made you a nine.

Oh its gotten worse ok eight.

Spoke with passion and no debate.

All this talk of mansions diamonds trips anti prenup and cars.

I like nice things but not like you value crave and desire as big as mars.

But that's not even what made you a seven.

Instead that snobby attitude like you created heaven.

Non humble ways located in the aura of your thought process.

Making my comfort zone pull away and shrink into a fast digress.

But that's not what even made you a five.

It was the stench at your crib as roaches performed live.

Yet that didn't come close to making you a four.

How fly you always look head to toe while kids look poor.

Did it for me sweat heart even if you got a degree.

Your lack of morals and intellect downgraded to three.

Now we in the store and you hiding me from dude?

Oh hell nawl you for sure a mother fucking two.

By now I see a real woman in my sight and found out her worth is plenty.

Got to know her well and just by chance her name is penny.

So I have to say the physical fooled me but you're done.

After experiencing your soul presence you are not the one.

Conversations To GOD About Her

Conversation to GOD about her

God what is up with her always praying to you for a good man but yet every single time choose lust and the total opposite of what she asked.
I wonder how that would make me feel sometime to have someone ask you for something just for them to turn it away and treat like trash.
Not only that Lord why must she make out the Godly man or good man to be week or unworthy but yet praise you.
It kind of makes me see the karma she goes through baby daddy's across town with wicked hearts who's souls are over do.
Seems like a cycle to me GOD she choose wrong knowing it won't work and when it don't play victim and return to you once again.
Leaving with something a broken heart a new baby or another turned away good man.
I know you looking down from above shaking your head saying well I tried my woman.
But who can love a hypocrite or respect one at that I know I can't so why wonder.
Who wants to be looked down on based on ignorance I won't.
Who wants to be step daddy to many cause you looked me over plenty I don't.
So GOD am I wrong for holding out for that real woman of respect and not settling for her that Jezebel thinking with her coochie.
Complaining about a man all the time him not having a job over some dude named pookie?
Putting happiness in superficial and turning bad into something good.
With that constant excuse of always being misunderstood.
So do I go back to her where I'm unwanted deep down to the core?
I don't think so LORD I'd rather see what you have in store.
By Kolin E.

Creating Hell

Creating Hell

Can't wait till we evolve into a human race that do instead of just get.
Create and nurture life instead of killing a soul taking it with no regret.
Give a helping hand to the lesser man in need not expecting something back.
Raise seeds with morals and drive prepared for hardship putting GOD on the map.
Trust worthy in a cause with good intentions putting goals and dreams to action.
But instead we pour down the rain of negativity and hatred with a sickly satisfaction.
Ruin a child's life before it even begin brain washing on a evil cult like level.
Training to be violent with an attitude that dwells in madness with the devil.
Take up abuse like a hobby even invite it into the psyche to be a haven for usual.
Casually punishing self from lack of happiness just to indulge on the poisons in a daily ritual.
Trying so hard to escape problems disappointments tragedy and horrific moments that burden.
But you can never get away from it so the person them self let's it mutate inside always left hurting.
Creating its own hell filled with fire disgust and very low inner value for thy true self.
Even though heaven is just a prayer away one step forward to redemption for a positive gift.
People go hungry when there is no care stamped into the daily ways of the majority.
Man abandons his true purpose leaving behind a bunch of single mothers the new sorority.
Strangers are enemies non receptive of the abuse one has encountered through the years.
So teach one preach one becomes judge first and learn later as trust is lost between peers.
Or maybe we can just destroy each other for no reason with a gun ignorance and white stuff to sell.
All are major parts used to unjustly keep a people down and constantly creating our own hell.

Feelings Come And Go

Feelings Come And Go

Sometimes we must all leave behind bad tendencies from the regret pain and suffering endured.

But abduct the light of happiness deep from within that state of well being to be emotionally cured.

Emphasize to self the beauty of life and what lessons are for.

Gaining wisdom to empower the soul to rise up and soar.

Out of the deep depths of darkness sadness and depression.

And into the brightness of freedom in strength gained from progression.

Enchanting moving on to embrace the mind so it may convince the heart to beat with purpose and see a better day.

A necessity for wants in life with all its ups and downs very strange moments and unexpected turning tides in play.

We pressure force ourselves for all types of reasons.

With no moral or intellectual means to blend in with the seasons.

Just to reap the rewards or damage.

As survival love and goals we manage.

Yet through it all the focus of being alive and intelligence differ for all who breath care think and know.

That what's meant to be will be and remain adding to ones happiness but momentary feelings come and go.

Fuck A Fairy Tale

Fuck a fairy tale

Once upon a time in a land far far away lived a prince who was rich handsome and rode a white horse on a rose pasture.

He pursued a fair maiden of great beauty and they would ride off into the sunset to live happily ever after.

That's what the fairy tale tells us but reality writes a different book.

As relations are much different these days sometimes taking on a deceitful look.

Nowadays love bites and turns one into a bitter hateful all for self person.

Once believing and dreaming of the fake tale told to children in a G rated version.

While the adult story takes on a more negative R rated but hopeful conclusion.

Men play games women are unknowing of worth and both debate the solution.

She want her prince charming he wants his video vixen neither has anything to do with love.

So they chase blindly for that want factor of superficial only to feign or hope for unconditional like a drug.

Then age brings wisdom as new thoughts of needs begin to grow as regret sinks in deep as the eyes finally see.

Now a late factor comes into play and progress births new problems as the journey to healing begins to break free.

The stars moon and cosmos become unlined and women take on the role of man and man women like a trade.

Attitudes become hateful towards one another while all the time only hating self for choices he or she made.

That's why its a fucked up fairy tale that only the damaged self esteem needy one wouldn't believe.

All formed from a life of lacking attention true love and respect just show it and access naïve.

Then witness a devour of emotions time and trust badly spent with no left over change to cope.

While dollars are clocking and getting mine is mocking the bank of morals is broke.

So fuck a fairy tale give me real I'll take it with courage and dignity.

Never shall I forsake who I am inside always building my love for infinity.
True story

Looking Seeing Envisioning

Looking Seeing Seeking Envisioning

My eyes spotted you with a sassy ebony aura surrounding you in a elegant mist.

Capturing my glance at that sacred point of first sight cuffing my eyes in arrest.

Looking at your style jazz and curves flowing in the form enriching the outfit.

Taking notice by a thunderous interest storm magnifying every detail to uplift.

Then the world became faded out as you're smile glistened sending emotions of wondrous bliss to awaken my sleepy vibe.

Which allowed me to see what pleasantries can behold such a queen with a presence that's drawn me to know the inside.

All for the purpose of appreciating the beauty seeking more than an associate friendship status.

Inviting a new priority into my world making sure gentleman ways gets plenty practice.

Securing the know in belief that both feelings are mutual releasing all trust to her.

Walls are down and a future is born envisioning a wife and darling seeds to bare.

Adding to our happiness as you are my lust simmering in the deepest erotic desires heated by a Fahrenheit of ecstasy on plenty.

Turning us on would bring about a fire that couldn't be extinguished with an ocean streaming through it.

Completing the better half of a loving man that's always left longing for a mate.

Disappointingly left patiently waiting for that one to bond get away with and finally escape.

Heaven sent from prayers to the almighty has delivered a woman singing the right key to open my heart where love is so freeing with reasoning.

All initiated from the contact that made ones effort react to looking seeing seeking then envisioning.
By Kolin E.